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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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ubizwaf.Oporch, portico
ubil qiþanidiom. to speak evil of one, curse
ubil habanidiom. to be ill
ubil-tojisadj. evil-doing; (as noun) evil-doer
ubil-waúrdjanI weakto speak evil of
ubil-waúrdsadj. evil-speaking, railing
ubilabaadv. badly, evilly
ubilaba habanidiom. to be ill
ubilsadj. evil, bad
ubuhprep. see uf + -uh
ugkarpron. of us two
uz-uhprep. +datwhether from
uz-on(pret. of us-anan)
ūhteigoadv. seasonably, opportunely
ūhtiugsadj. at leisure
ūhtwof.Nearly morn
un-agandsadj. fearless
un-agandsadj. fearless
un-aírknsadj. unholy
un-áiwisksadj. blameless
un-and-sakanspple. undisputed
un-baírandspple. not bearing, sterile
un-baúranspple. unborn
un-barnahsadj. childless
un-beistjoþspple. unleavened
un-ga-habānIII weakto be incontinent or unrestrained
un-ga-habandspple. (+ sik) incontinent
un-ga-láubjandspple. unbelieving
un-ga-tewiþspple. disorderly
un-ga-wagiþspple. immovable, unmoveable
un-ga-faírinoþsadj. blameless
un-ga-ƕaírbsadj. unruly, disobedient
un-qeþsadj. unspeakable
un-qeniþspple. unmarried (used for men)
un-háilin.JAwant of health, sickness, disease
un-handu-waúrhtsadj. not made by hands
un-hulþam.Ndevil, evil or unclean spirit
un-hulþa-leisaj.s.demonological; (as noun) demonologist
un-hulþof.Ndevil, demon, evil or unclean spirit
un-hunslagsadj. without offering, truce-breaking, implacable
un-hráinsadj. unclean
un-þwahanspple. unwashed
un-karjaw.aj.careless, neglectful
un-kunþsadj. unknown
un-kusana ga-skeireins bi-runáinaisidiom. conspiracy theory
un-leþsadj. poor
un-liugáiþspple. unmarried
un-liutsadj. unfeigned
un-mahteigsadj. weak, impossible
un-mahtsf.Iinfirmity, weakness
un-mana-riggwsadj. inhuman, fierce
un-manwusadj. unprepared
un-mildsadj. not mild, without natural affection, unloving
un-namniþspple. anonymous, unnamed
un-ūhteigoadv. at an unfit time, inopportunely
un-us-láisiþspple. unlearned
un-riureif.Nimmortality, incorruption
un-rodjandsadj. not speaking, speechless, mute
un-saltanspple. unstalted
un-seleif.Nwickedness, craftiness, injustice, unrighteousness
un-selsadj. evil, wicked, unholy
un-sibjisadj. lawless, impious, wicked; (as noun) transgressor
un-sutin.JAtumult, rioting
un-sweibandspple. unceasing, incessant
un-swerānIII weakto dishonour, denigrate
un-swereif.Ndishonor, shame, disgrace
un-sweriþaf.Odishonour, disgrace
un-swersadj. without honor
un-talsadj. unlearned, indocile
un-tila-malsksadj. rash, unbecomingly proud
un-wāhsadj. blameless
un-werjanI weakto be unable to endure, be displeased
un-wissadj. uncertain
un-witaw.aj.without understanding, foolish
un-witin.JAignorance, folly
un-fagrsadj. unfit, unsuitable
un-faír-láistiþspple. unsearchable
un-frodeif.Nlack of understanding, foolishness, folly, madness
un-froþsadj. foolish
un-ƕapnandspple. unquenchable
unbiarin.JAwild animal
undprep. +datfor
undprep. +accunto, until, up to
und dalaþidiom. to the bottom
und hina dagidiom. to this day
und hita (nu)idiom. til now, hitherto
und þateiidiom. while
und filu máisidiom. much more, so much the more
und ƕaidiom. how long
und-greipanI ablautto seize, lay hold of
und-redanVII redupto provide, furnish, grant, deliver
und-rinnanIII ablautto run to one, fall to one, fall to one's share
undaúrni-matsm.Ilunch, noon meal, midday meal
undarprep. +accunder
undaroprep. +datunder
unþa-þliuhanII ablautto escape
unkjam.Nuncia (unit of area approximately 2400 sq. ft.)
unkusana gaskeireinsidiom. theory
unsarpron. our
unteconj. until, as long as; because, for, since
unte jabáiidiom. For if...; for although...
ur-ráisjanI weakto raise, rouse up, wake
ur-redanVII be subject to ordinances
ur-reisanI weak+intrto arise
ur-rinnanIII ablaut+intrto proceed, go out from, go forth, rise, spring up
ur-rumnanIV weakto enlarge (intr.), be enlarged
ur-runsf.Ia running out, departure
ur-runsm.Aa running out, a rising, draught; east
usprep. +datout, out of, from
us gaþagkjaidiom. carefully
us lustumidiom. willingly
us-agljanI weakexhaust, weary, bruise
us-agjanI weakto frighten utterly, scare
us-alþanVII redup+intrto grow old
us-ananVI ablaut+intrto expire, give up the ghost
us-baíranIV ablautto carry out, bear, endure, suffer, answer
us-báugjanI weakto sweep out
us-beidanI ablautto await, look for; to endure
us-beisneigsadj. long-abiding, long-suffering
us-bliggwanIII ablautto beat severely, scourge
us-bugjanI weakto buy out, buy, redeem
us-brigganIII ablautto load (digital)
us-gagganVII redup+intrto go out, forth, away
us-gáisjanI weakto deprive of intellect, strike aghast; (passive) to be beside oneself
us-geisnanIV weak+intrto be aghast, be amazed, be astonished
us-gibanV ablautto give out, reward, repay, restore, show
us-gildanV ablautto repay, reward
us-gutnanIV weak+intrto be poured out, be spilt, flow away
us-grabanVI ablautto dig out, pluck out, break through
us-dáudjanI weakto strive, be diligent, endeavor
us-dáudoadj. zealously
us-dreibanI ablaut+acc/datto drive out, send away
us-driusanII ablautto fall from
us-drustsf.Ia falling away, a rough way
us-qiþanV ablautto proclaim
us-qimanIV ablaut+acc/datto kill, destroy
us-qissf.Iaccusation, charge
us-qistjanI weak+acc/datto kill
us-háitanVII redupto provoke
us-háuhnanIV weak+intrto be exalted, be glorified
us-háuhjanI weakto exalt
us-hafjanVI ablautto take up, lift up
us-hláupanVII redup+intrto leap up, rise quickly
us-hulonII weakto hew out
us-hramjanI weakto crucify
us-hrisjanI weakto shake out, shake off
us-þulānIII weakto endure
us-þriutanII ablaut+datto threaten, trouble, use despitefully
us-þroþeinsf.Iexercise (in the educational sense)
us-þroþjanI weakto instruct
us-keinanI ablautto spring up, grow up, put forth, produce
us-kiusanII ablaut(+acc) to choose out, prove, test; (+dat) to cast out, reject
us-kunþsadj. well-known, evident, manifest
us-lagjanI weakto lay out, stretch out, lay, lay upon
us-láisiþspple. learned
us-láubjanI weakto permit, allow, suffer
us-leiþanI ablaut+intrto go away, pass by, come out
us-letanVII exclude
us-liþam.Nsomeone with palsy, paralytic person
us-lūkanII ablautto open, unsheath (e.g. a sword)
us-luknanIV weak+intrto become unlocked, be opened, open
us-lutonII weakto deceive
us-máitanVII redupto cut down
us-meljanI weakto print
us-mernanIV weak+intrto be proclaimed
us-metn.Abehavior, manner of life, commonwealth
us-mitanV ablaut+intr(figuratively) to behave
us-nimanIV ablautto take out or away, take down
us-saíƕanV ablautto look up, look on, receive sight
us-sakanVII redup+acc/datcommunicate
us-sandjanI weakto send out, send forth, send away
us-satjanI weakto set on, place upon, set, plant
us-siggwanIII ablautto read
us-sindaadj. extraordinary
us-sitanV ablautto sit up
us-skarjanI ablaut(passive) to recover oneself
us-skawsadj. vigilant
us-standanVI ablautto stand up, rise up, rise again, come out or from
us-stassf.Iresurrection, rising
us-steiganI ablautto go up, climb, mount
us-stiureif.Nexcess, riot
us-stiuribaadv. licentiously, riotously
us-sokjanI weakto examine
us-táikneinsf.Ia showing
us-táiknjanI weakto show, prove
us-tiuhanII ablautto lead out, lead or take up, drive forth, finish, perform, perfect, end
us-wahsanspple. adult
us-wahstsf.Igrowth, increase
us-waírpanIII ablaut+acc/datto drive out, cast forth, ban, overthrow, reject, banish
us-wakjanI weak+intrto wake up, awake from sleep
us-walteinsf.Ian overthrow, a subverting
us-waltjanI weakto overthrow, overturn
us-wandif.JOdiversion, deception
us-waúrhtsadj. right, just, righteous
us-waúrpaf.Ocastoff, rejection, expulsion; miscarriage, untimely birth
us-weihsadj. unholy, profane
us-windanIII ablautto plait
us-wissaj.s.dissolute, vain
us-filmaw.aj.amazed, astonished
us-fulleinsf.Ifulfilling, fullness
us-fullnanIV weak+intrto be fulfilled, become full, come to pass
us-fulljanI weakto fulfill, complete
us-fráisanVII redupto tempt
us-fratwjanI weakto make wise
us-fodeinsf.Ifood, nourishment
ushafjan sik jáinþroidiom. to depart thence
ussatiþs wisanidiom. to consist
usteiganI ablautsee us-steigan
uswiss usmitanidiom. to be in error, to err
usfarþon taujan us skipaidiom. to suffer a shipwreck
usfilmein dissitanidiom. to be astonished
ūtadv. out, forth
ūtaadv. outside, without
ūtaþroprep. +genfrom without
ūtanaprep. +gensee ūtaþro
ufprep. +datunder, beneath, in the time of
ufprep. +accunder, beneath, in the time of
uf-áiþeisadj. under oath
uf-baíranIV ablautto download
uf-báuljanI weak+intrto puff up
uf-blesanVII redup+intrto blow up, puff up
uf-brikanIV ablautto reject, despise
uf-brinnanIII ablaut+intrto burn up, scorch
uf-gaírdanIII ablautto gird up
uf-grabanVI ablautto dig up
uf-dáupjanI weakto baptize
uf-habānIII weakto hold up, bear up
uf-háuseinsf.Iregard, obedience
uf-háusjanI weak+datto submit, obey, listen to
uf-hropjanI weakto cry out
uf-þanjanI weak+intr(+ sik) to stretch oneself
uf-kunnanpret-pres. III perceive, recognize, know, acknowledge
uf-liganV ablaut+intrto lie under, faint
uf-meljanI weak+datto sign
uf-rakjanI weak+intrto stretch forth, stretch up, lift up
uf-sliupanII ablautto withdraw
uf-sneiþanI ablautto slay
uf-stráujanI weakto strew or spread under something
uf-swogjanI weak+intrto sigh deeply
uf-wopjanI weak+intrto cry out
ufarprep. +datover, above, beyond; (as prefix) excessively, too much
ufarprep. +accover, above, beyond; (as prefix) excessively, too much
ufar-baíranIV ablautto download
ufar-gagganVII redup+intrto go too far, transgress
ufar-giutanII ablautto run over
ufar-gudjam.Nchief priest
ufar-hafnanIV weak+intrto be exalted
ufar-þeihanI ablautto exceed, surpass
ufar-markeisadj. international
ufar-melin.JAsuperscription, title
ufar-meljanI weakto write over
ufar-munnonII weak+datto forget
ufar-skadwjanI weakto overshadow
ufar-skaftsf.Ifirstfruit (religious offering)
ufar-steiganI ablaut+intrto spring up, mount up
ufar-wisanV ablautto be superior, exceed
ufar-filuadv. too much
ufar-fulleif.Noverfullness, abundance
ufar-fullsadj. overfull, abundant
ufarassáu habanidiom. to abound
ufarassusm.Uabundance, superfluity; (used in the dat. as adv.) in abundance, greatly, enough to spare
ufarmunnon sáiwaláiidiom. to disregard life
ufaroprep. +databove, upon, over
ufaroprep. +accabove, upon, over
ufaroadv. above
uftaadv. often