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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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abraba   🔊adv. strong, excessively, very, very much
agluba   🔊adv. hardly, with difficulty
azetabaadv. easily; gladly
áin-falþabaadv. simply
áinamadv. alone
áinzuadv. only
áir   🔊adv. soon, early
áirizaadv. earlier
áiris   🔊adv. earlier
alakjoadv. together, collectively
allisadv. in general, wholly, at all
alljandoadv. wholly
alja-leikoadv. otherwise, differently
alja-leikosadv. (comparative of alja-leikos) otherwise
aljaþ   🔊adv. elsewhere, in another direction
aljaþroadv. from elsewhere, from all sides, from every quarter
aljar   🔊adv. elsewhere
amenadv. amen; verily, truly
ana   🔊adv. on, upon
ana-láugnibaadv. secretly
ana-leikoadv. in like manner
anaksadv. straightaway, at once, suddenly
and-áugibaadv. openly, in plain sight
and-áugjoadv. openly
anda-þāhtabaadv. reasonably
anþar-leikoadv. otherwise, differently
áustanaadv. from the east
áustaradv. to the east; in the east; eastwards
áuftoadv. perhaps, maybe, indeed, to be sure
arnibaadv. surely, safely
arwjoadv. in vain, without a cause; free, without charge
afta   🔊adv. behind, backwards
aftana   🔊adv. from behind
aftaro   🔊adv. from behind
aftra   🔊adv. back, backwards, again, once more
baírhtabaadv. brightly, clearly
báitraba   🔊adv. bitterly
balþabaadv. boldly
bi-sunjaneadv. round about, near
biþeadv. after, then, afterward, thereupon
biþehadv. after that, then, afterward
ga-baúrjabaadv. gladly, willingly
ga-gudabaadv. godly
ga-hāhjoadv. in order, connectedly
ga-leikoadv. like, in the same manner
ga-náuhaadv. sufficiently
ga-redabaadv. honestly
ga-temibaadv. fitly
ga-tilabaadv. conveniently
gistra-dagisadv. tomorrow
glaggwabaadv. see glaggwuba
glaggwubaadv. exactly, diligently
glaggwoadv. accurately
dalaþ   🔊adv. down
dalaþa   🔊adv. below
dalaþroadv. from below
du-ƕeadv. why, wherefore
haldisadv. rather, more
halisáiwadv. hardly, barely
háuhabaadv. highly
háuhisadv. higher
hardubaadv. hardly, severely, grievously
heradv. here, hither
hidreadv. hither
hnasqubaadv. softly
þa-þrohadv. afterwards, thenceforth
þad-eiadv. whither, where, wheresoever
þaþroadv. thence, from there
þana-máisadv. still, further
þana-seiþsadv. further, more still; (with negative) no more, no longer
þáuadv. (after a comparative) than; still, perhaps
þaradv. there
þar-eiadv. (relative) where
þar-uhadv. there, now
þat-áin-eiadv. only
þiubjoadv. secretly, covertly
þiudiskoadv. after the manner of the gentiles
þis-hunadv. chiefly, especially; preferable
þis-ƕaruhadv. wheresoever
þridjoadv. for the third time
innadv. in, within
innaadv. within
innaþroadv. from within
innanaadv. within
iupadv. upwards
iupaadv. above
iupaþroadv. from above
iupanaadv. from above
landisadv. over the land, far away
lubjaleisabaadv. magically
máisadv. more, rather
máistadv. at most
manwubaadv. in readiness
miþadv. with
mikilabaadv. greatly
minsadv. less
missoadv. (always with pers. pron.) reciprocally, the one the other, one to another
naúhadv. still, yet
naúh-þanuþadv. still yet
naúhuþ-þanadv. and also
naúrþanaadv. from the north
naúrþaradv. to the north; in the north; northwards
neadv. nay, no
neƕadv. near, close by
neƕaadv. near
neƕisadv. nearer, closer
niadv. not
niujabaadv. lately
nuadv. now, so, consequently, therefore; (with nouns) present, existing
jaadv. yea, yes, verily
jáidreadv. see jáind
jáinaradv. yonder, there, in that place
jáindadv. thither
jáindreadv. see jáind
jáinþroadv. thence
juadv. already, now
ju-þanadv. already
ubilabaadv. badly, evilly
ūhteigoadv. seasonably, opportunely
un-ūhteigoadv. at an unfit time, inopportunely
us-stiuribaadv. licentiously, riotously
ūtadv. out, forth
ūtaadv. outside, without
ufar-filuadv. too much
ufaroadv. above
uftaadv. often
raíhtabaadv. rightly, straight-way
raíhtisadv. for, still, then, however, indeed
sama-leikoadv. likewise, in like manner, equally
samaþadv. to the same place, together
samanaadv. together, in the same place, one with another, at the same time
simleadv. once, at one time
sinteinoadv. always, ever, continually
skáunibaadv. beautifully
skeiribaadv. clearly
sniumundoadv. with haste, quickly
sniumundosadv. with more haste
sundroadv. alone, asunder, apart, privately
sunþanaadv. from the south
sunþaradv. in the south; to the south, southwards
sunjabaadv. truly
sunsadv. soon, at once, immediately
sunsáiwadv. straightaway
sutibaadv. sweetly
spráutoadv. quickly, soon
staírnaleisabaadv. astronomically
swaadv. so, just so, also, thus, even so
swa-sweadv. even as, just as
swahadv. see swa
swareadv. without a cause, in vain
sweadv. like, as, just as, about
swe-þáuhadv. yet, indeed, however
swi-kunþabaadv. openly, manifestly
tulgubaadv. steadfastly
triggwabaadv. truly, assuredly
waílaadv. well, rightly, excellently
wáinahoadv. pitifully
waírþabaadv. worthy
waírsadv. worse
warabaadv. cautiously
wiþra-waírþoadv. contrariwise
wilþibaadv. wildly
wistanaadv. from the west
wistaradv. in the west; to the west, westward
witodeigoadv. lawfully
faírraadv. far, far off; (+dat) far from
faírraþro   🔊adv. from afar
faúr-þisadv. first, beforehand, formerly
faúra   🔊adv. before
filáusadv. greatly, by far
fram-waírþisadv. henceforward
fram-wigisadv. evermore
framisadv. further, onward
frodabaadv. wisely
ƕadreadv. whither
ƕaþadv. whither
ƕaþroadv. whence
ƕáiwaadv. how, in what way
ƕanadv. (interr) when?, whenever?; (before ajs., avs.) how; (before compar.) how much; (with other particles) at any time
ƕan-hunadv. (with negatives) ever, at any time
ƕaradv. where
ƕar-uhadv. everywhere
ƕassabaadv. sharply
ƕeadv. (interr) with what, wherewith, how
ƕeilo-hunadv. for an hour or a short while, briefly