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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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ibaconj. lest; that not
ibáiconj. lest; that not
ibáipart. (interrogative expecting a negative answer)
ibai swareidiom. lest
ibna-leiksadj. equal
ibna-skáunsaj.i.of equal beauty or shape
ibnassusm.Uevenness; equation; equality
ibnsadj. even
igqarpron. (poss) of you two
id-reigonII weak+intrto repent
id-weitjanI weak+datto reprove, blame, revile, reproach
iddja+intr(preterite of gaggan) I went
iz-epron. see iz-ei
iz-eipron. (rel) who, which
izepron. see izei
izwarpron. (poss) your
conj. but, however, if
ikpron. I
ik-eipron. I who... (relative)
im+intrI am
inprep. +datin, into, among, by
inprep. +accin, into, towards
inprep. +genon account of
in azetjamidiom. with pleasure
in allammaidiom. in everything
in analáugneinidiom. in secret
in andjaidiom. finally
in andwaírþjaidiom. before, in the presence of
in baírhteinidiom. openly
in gard tiuhanidiom. to take home
in dagam jah nahtamidiom. by days and nights
in þizeiidiom. for this/that reason, because of this/that
in þisidiom. for this/that reason, because of this/that
in mahtáiidiom. mightily
in midumáiidiom. in the midst
in-aheif.Nsoberness, sobriety, prudence
in-ahsadj. wise, sober
in-brannjanI weakto put in the fire, burn
in-gardjaw.aj.(noun equivalent) one of the same household
in-drobnanIV weak+intrto become sad
in-kilþoadj. with child, pregnant
in-kunjam.None of the same country, countryman
in-liuhtjanI weakto enlighten
in-máideinsf.Ichange, exchange; transfiguration
in-máidjanI weakto change, exchange, transfigure
in-niujiþaf.Orenewal; Hanukkah
in-raúhtjanI weakto groan
in-sahtsf.Istory, declaration
in-saianVII sow in
in-sáiljanI weakto bind with ropes, let down with cords
in-saíƕanV ablautto look at, look upon, look round, behold, regard
in-sakanVI ablautto present a case, expound, explain; to recount; to designate, put before
in-sandjanI weakto send, send forth
in-standanIV ablaut+intrto persist
in-swinþjanI weak+intrto grow strong
in-tandjanI weakto burn up
in-tundnanIV weak+intrto burn (intr.)
in-wagjanI weakto stir up, move (someone to do something)
in-wandjanI weakto pervert
in-weitanI ablautto worship, revere, salute
in-widanV ablautto reject, frustrate, deny, refuse
in-windsadj. turned aside, perverse, unjust, unrighteous
in-wisanV ablaut+intrto be present, be near at hand
in-feinanIV weak+intrto be moved with compassion, have compassion on, pity
inilof.Nexcuse, pretense, cloak
innadv. in, within
inn atgagganidiom. to enter, enter into, go into
inn gagganidiom. to go in, enter
inn-ga-leiþanI ablautto enter, go in
innaadv. within
inna-kundsadj. of the same household
inna-markeisadj. national
innaþroadv. from within
innamitondif.JOautistic woman
innamitondisksadj. autistic
innamitondsm.NDautistic man
innanaprep. +genwithin, inside
innanaadv. within
innumaw.aj.the inner, innermost, inmost
inuprep. see inuh
inuhprep. +accwithout, except
ins twans ƕanzuhidiom. two and two
inswinþjan sikidiom. to be strong
iudaíwisksadj. Jewish
iudaíwiskonII weakto be Jewish
iupadv. upwards
iupaadv. above
iupaþroadv. from above
iupanaadv. from above
iusilaf.Orecovery, easing
ispron. he
is+intrthou art
Israelisksadj. Israeli
Israelitusm.U/IIsraeli citizen
itapron. it
Italisksadj. Italian
Italusm.U/IItalian citizen
itanV ablautto eat, the one after, the following
iftumin dagaidiom. on the next day