Gutisk Waúrd in

prep. +acc in, into, towards
prep. +gen on account of
prep. +dat in, into, among, by

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in andwaírþjabefore, in the presence of
in baírhteinopenly
þōei habáidēdun ina gadabanwhat things should happen unto him
inn atgagganto enter, enter into, go into
inn gagganto go in, enter
inswinþjan sikto be strong
in midumáiin the midst
ins twans ƕanzuhtwo and two
in gard tiuhanto take home
in allammain everything
in þisfor this/that reason, because of this/that
in þizeifor this/that reason, because of this/that
in dagam jah nahtamby days and nights
in analáugneinin secret
in andjafinally
in mahtáimightily
in azētjamwith pleasure