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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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áin-ƕaþar-uhpron. each of two
áin-ƕarjiz-uhpron. everyone, each (indefinite)
áins   🔊pron. a certain one (indef)
áins-hunpron. (+ ni) no one
hispron. this (acc. hina; dat. himma)
þatapron. that, this, the (neut. of sa)
þatuhpron. that, this
þeinspron. thy
þis-ƕaz-uhpron. (+ sa-ei) whosoever
þis-ƕahpron. whatsoever, whatever
þūpron. thou
þū-eipron. thou who... (relative)
igqarpron. (poss) of you two
iz-epron. see iz-ei
iz-eipron. (rel) who, which
izepron. see izei
izwarpron. (poss) your
ikpron. I
ik-eipron. I who... (relative)
ispron. he
itapron. it
manna-hunpron. (with ni) no one
meinspron. my
jáinspron. s.ajthat, yon
juz-eipron. ye who (relative)
juspron. ye
jutpron. ye two
jut-eipron. ye two who (relative)
ugkarpron. of us two
unsarpron. our
sapron. this, that; he; the
sa-eipron. (relative) who, he who, which
sahpron. that, this
samapron. same
seipron. she who, the one which (same as so-ei)
seinpron. its
seinspron. his
sipron. she
sikpron. oneself
silbapron. self
sumz-uhpron. see sums + -uh, used in pl. as sumái(h)... sumáih some... and oþers
sumspron. (indefinite) someone, a certain one
swa-láuþspron. so great
swa-leikspron. such
sopron. the (f.)
sohpron. that, this
weiz-eipron. we who (relative)
weispron. we
witpron. we two
wit-eipron. we two who (relative)
ƕapron. what (interrogative)
ƕaz-uhpron. (indef) each, every
ƕaþarpron. which of two; whether
ƕaþar-uhpron. each of two
ƕarjiz-uhpron. (indefinite) each, every
ƕarjispron. who, which of many
ƕaspron. who, what
ƕas-hunpron. (indefinite, with negatives) anyone
ƕe-láuþspron. (interr) how great
ƕi-leikspron. what sort of