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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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qáinonII weak+intrto weep, mourn, lament
qaírrusadj. gentle
qantum-maíkanikan.Aquantum mechanics
qeinssfsee qens
qensf.Iwife, woman
qiþanV ablaut+accto say, tell, name, speak; (+ double acc) to call someone something
qiþan istidiom. it is said
qiþu-haftsadj. pregnant
qiþusm.Ubody, womb
qimanIV ablaut+intrto come, arrive
qina-kundsadj. female
qineinsadj. female; (in neuter) foolish woman
qinof.Nwoman, wife
qiusadj. alive, quick, living
qissf.Isaying, speech
qisteinsf.Idestruction, ruination
qistjanI weakto destroy
qumsm.Iadvent, coming