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3828 Gothic entries in the lexicon.
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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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alja   🔊prep. +datexcept
ana   🔊prep. +daton, upon, in, at, over, against
ana   🔊prep. +acconto, into, at, over, to, into, against
and   🔊prep. +accalong, throughout, towards, in, on, among
and-waírþisprep. +datopposite
at   🔊prep. +accat, by, to, with, of
at   🔊prep. +datat, by, to, with, of
af   🔊prep. +datof, from, by, away from, out of
afar   🔊prep. +accafter
afar   🔊prep. +dataccording to
afaruh   🔊prep. afar + uh
bi   🔊prep. +datby, about, concerning, around, against, according to, on account of, for, at, after, near
bi   🔊prep. +accabout, around, against, for, at
du   🔊prep. +datto, towards, against, in
hindanaprep. +genbehind, on that side of, beyond
hindarprep. +datbehind, over, beyond, among
hindarprep. +accbehind, over, beyond, among
þaírhprep. +accthrough, by, by means of, on account of
inprep. +genon account of
inprep. +datin, into, among, by
inprep. +accin, into, towards
innanaprep. +genwithin, inside
inuprep. see inuh
inuhprep. +accwithout, except
miþprep. +datwith, among, together with, through, by, near
neƕaprep. +datnigh to, near
ubuhprep. see uf + -uh
uz-uhprep. +datwhether from
undprep. +datfor
undprep. +accunto, until, up to
undarprep. +accunder
undaroprep. +datunder
usprep. +datout, out of, from
ūtaþroprep. +genfrom without
ūtanaprep. +gensee ūtaþro
ufprep. +accunder, beneath, in the time of
ufprep. +datunder, beneath, in the time of
ufarprep. +accover, above, beyond; (as prefix) excessively, too much
ufarprep. +datover, above, beyond; (as prefix) excessively, too much
ufaroprep. +databove, upon, over
ufaroprep. +accabove, upon, over
wiþraprep. +accagainst, over against, by, near, to, in replay to, in return for, on account of, for
faírraprep. +dat(after verbs of motion) from
faúr   🔊prep. +datago
faúr   🔊prep. +accfor, before, by, to, along, from, concerning
faúra   🔊prep. +datbefore, for, on account of, from
framprep. +datfrom, by, since, on account of