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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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-kundspple. born
alja-leikoþspple. allegorical
bi-naúhtspple. sufficient
bloþa-rinnandspple. haemorrhaging
ga-tewiþspple. orderly
diganspple. made of earth
drugkanspple. intoxicated, drunk
handu-waúrhtspple. wrought by hand, artificial
kunþspple. known
mannawaúrhtspple. artificial
militondspple. soldier
un-and-sakanspple. undisputed
un-baírandspple. not bearing, sterile
un-baúranspple. unborn
un-beistjoþspple. unleavened
un-ga-habandspple. (+ sik) incontinent
un-ga-láubjandspple. unbelieving
un-ga-tewiþspple. disorderly
un-ga-wagiþspple. immovable, unmoveable
un-qeniþspple. unmarried (used for men)
un-þwahanspple. unwashed
un-liugáiþspple. unmarried
un-namniþspple. anonymous, unnamed
un-us-láisiþspple. unlearned
un-saltanspple. unstalted
un-sweibandspple. unceasing, incessant
un-faír-láistiþspple. unsearchable
un-ƕapnandspple. unquenchable
us-láisiþspple. learned
us-wahsanspple. adult
paúrpuroþspple. purple
saiandspple. one sowing, sower
fra-kunþspple. despised