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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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áistān   🔊III weakto revere, regard
ana-habānIII weakto take hold of; (passive) to be taken, e.g. with fever
ana-þiwānIII weakto bring into subjection
ana-silānIII weak+intrto be silent, be quiet, grow still
ana-slawānIII weakto quiet down, become still
ana-ƕeilānIII weakto give someone a break, give someone a rest
and-hruskānIII weakto investigate, explore, raise a question
and-staúrrānIII weakto murmur against
armān   🔊III weakto pity, have pity on
at-habānIII weak+accto come towards (+acc)
at-kunnānIII weakto acknowledge, duly grant
af-habānIII weak+intrto abstain
bnauān   🔊III weakto rub, crush
ga-áinānIII weakto become lonely
ga-áistānIII weakto revere
ga-armānIII weakto have pity on, pity
ga-geigānIII weakto gain
ga-habānIII weakto have, hold, secure, possess, lay hold on
ga-þahānIII weak+intrto be silent
ga-þarbānIII weak+gento suffer want, abstain from
ga-þiwānIII weakto bring into bondage
ga-þulānIII weakto suffer, endure
ga-leikānIII weak+datto please, take pleasure in
ga-liugānIII weakto marry
ga-slawānIII weak+intrto be still, be silent
ga-swerānIII weakto glorify, make known
ga-trauānIII weakto trust, entrust, be persuaded
ga-weihānIII weakto sanctify
ga-fastānIII weakto keep, support, hold fast
dis-habānIII weak(of emotion) to take complete possession of, to overcome, to seize
habānIII weakto have, possess, hold, take, esteem, count, consider, keep, observe, contain, be going to do, be able to do
hatānIII weakto hate
hruskānIII weakto be quick, rush, dive
þahānIII weak+intrto be silent, hold one's peace
þulānIII weakto tolerate, suffer, put up with, endure
leikānIII weak+datto please
libānIII weak+intrto live
liugānIII weakto marry
maúrnānIII weakto mourn
miþ-libānIII weakto live with someone or something
munānIII weakto consider, think, intend, mean (to do something)
jiukānIII weakto contend, fight
un-ga-habānIII weakto be incontinent or unrestrained
un-swerānIII weakto dishonour, denigrate
us-þulānIII weakto endure
uf-habānIII weakto hold up, bear up
reirānIII weak+intrto tremble
saúrgānIII weak+intrto sorrow, trouble, take thought
sifānIII weak+intrto rejoice, be glad
skamānIII weak+gen(+ sik) to be ashamed, be ashamed of (+gen of shameful thing)
slawānIII weak+intrto be silent, be still
swerānIII weakto honor, swear
trauānIII weakto trust
weihānIII weakto sanctify, make holy
witānIII weak+datto watch, keep watch, observe
faiānIII weakto find fault with
fastān   🔊III weak+intrto fast, hold firm, keep
feinānIII weaksee in-feinan
fijānIII weakto hate
ƕeilānIII weakto rest, pause