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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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ana-qiþanV ablautto speak evil (of)
and-qiþanV ablautto bid farewell
and-saíƕanV ablautto consider
and-sitanV ablautto accept
at-gibanV ablautto give up, give up to, give away, deliver up, put in prison
at-liganV ablautto be present with
at-saíƕanV ablautto take heed, observe, look to
at-wisanV ablaut+intrto be at hand
af-gibanV ablautto depart
af-qiþanV ablautto renounce, forsake
bi-gitanV ablaut+accto find, meet with; (+ double acc) to find, discover one to be something
bi-saíƕanV ablautto see, look, look round on
bi-sitanV ablautto sit about, sit near
bi-wisanV ablautto make merry
bidjan   🔊V ablautto ask, beg, entreat, pray
ga-lisan sikV ablautto gather together, meet together, assemble
ga-nisanV ablautto be saved, become whole, recover
ga-saíƕanV ablaut+accto see, behold, perceive
ga-sitanV ablaut+intrto sit, sit down
ga-wiganV ablautto shake down
ga-widanV ablautto bind, join together
ga-fraíhnanV ablautto find out, learn by inquiry, ask, seek
gibanV ablautto give
gitanV ablautsee bi-gitan
dis-sitanV ablautto settle upon, seize upon
diwan   🔊V ablaut+intrto die
du-at-sniwanV ablautto hasten towards
qiþanV ablaut+accto say, tell, name, speak; (+ double acc) to call someone something
hlifanV ablautto steal
þaírh-saíƕanV ablautto see through
þaírh-wisanV ablaut+intrto remain
in-saíƕanV ablautto look at, look upon, look round, behold, regard
in-widanV ablautto reject, frustrate, deny, refuse
in-wisanV ablaut+intrto be present, be near at hand
itanV ablautto eat
liganV ablaut+intrto lie, lie down
lisanV ablautto gather
miþ-wisanV ablaut+datto stand with
mitanV ablautto measure
niþanV ablautto help
us-gibanV ablautto give out, reward, repay, restore, show
us-gildanV ablautto repay, reward
us-qiþanV ablautto proclaim
us-mitanV ablaut+intr(figuratively) to behave
us-saíƕanV ablautto look up, look on, receive sight
us-sitanV ablautto sit up
uf-liganV ablaut+intrto lie under, faint
ufar-wisanV ablautto be superior, exceed
rikanV ablautto heap up
saíƕanV ablaut+accto see, take heed
sitanV ablaut+intrto sit
sniwanV ablautto hasten, hurry
wisanV ablaut+intrto be; (of words) to mean
wisanV ablaut+intrto remain, abide
wisanV ablaut+intrto feast, make merry
wrikanV ablautto persecute
faírra-saíƕanV ablautto watch television
faúr-qiþanV ablautto make excuse, excuse
faúr-sniwanV ablautto hasten before, anticipate
faúra-qiþanV ablautto prophesize, foretell
fitanV ablaut+intrto travail in birth
fra-gibanV ablautto give, grant
fra-qiþanV ablautto curse
fra-itanV ablautto eat up, devour
fra-wisanV ablautto spend, exhaust
fraíhnanV ablaut+gento ask, ask questions