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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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ana-áukanVII redupto add to
ana-gagganVII redupto approach, come
ana-háitanVII redup(+acc) to call on, invoke; (+dat) to scold
ana-pragganVII redupto oppress
ana-slepanVII redupto fall asleep
and-háitanVII redupto call to one, profess, confess, acknowledge, give thanks to
and-letanVII redupto allow
and-staldanVII redupto supply
áukan   🔊VII redupto add, increase
at-gagganVII redup+intrto go, go up to, come to, enter, come down, descend
at-hāhanVII redupto let down
at-háitanVII redupto call to one
af-áikanVII redupto deny (vehemently)
af-gagganVII redup+intrto go away, depart, go to, come
af-máitanVII redupto cut off
af-skáidanVII redup+acc(reflexive) to depart; to separate oneself from
afar-gagganVII redupto follow, go after
báutanVII redupto strike
bi-áukanVII redupto increase
bi-láikanVII redupto mock
bi-máitanVII redupto circumcise
blandanVII redupto mix, blend
blotanVII redupto worship, revere, honor
ga-gagganVII redup+intrto collect, assemble, come to pass; (also used with sik)
ga-háitanVII redupto call together, promise
ga-þláihanVII redupto cherish, console, comfort, take in the arms, caress
ga-staldanVII redupto possess
ga-waldanVII redupto rule, bear rule
ga-fāhanVII redupto catch, take, seize, overtake, apprehend (as a criminal)
gagganVII redup+intrto go
du-at-gagganVII redupto go to, come to
hāhanVII redupto hang
háitanVII redup+accto call, name, order, command, invite; (+ double acc) to consider, call someone something
haldanVII redupto hold, take care of, tend, feed
hláupanVII redup+intrto leap
þaírh-gagganVII redupto go or come through
láikanVII redup+intrto leap for joy
lauanVII redupto revile
máitanVII redupto cut, hew
und-redanVII redupto provide, furnish, grant, deliver
us-alþanVII redup+intrto grow old
us-gagganVII redup+intrto go out, forth, away
us-háitanVII redupto provoke
us-hláupanVII redup+intrto leap up, rise quickly
us-máitanVII redupto cut down
us-sakanVII redup+acc/datcommunicate
us-fráisanVII redupto tempt
uf-blesanVII redup+intrto blow up, puff up
ufar-gagganVII redup+intrto go too far, transgress
redanVII redupto counsel, deliberate
sakanVII redupto dispute, strive, rebuke
saltanVII redupto salt
skáidanVII redupto divide, sever, separate, put asunder
slepanVII redup+intrto sleep, fall asleep (pret. = saíslep or saízlep)
stáutanVII redupto smite, push, beat
waldanVII redupto rule, govern
wiþra-gagganVII redupto go to meet
fāhan   🔊VII redupto seize, catch, grasp, lay hands on
faír-háitanVII redup+accto express
falþan   🔊VII redupto fold, close
faúr-bi-gagganVII redupto go before, precede
faúr-gagganVII redupto pass by
faúra-ga-háitanVII redupto foretell, to announce beforehand
faúra-gagganVII redupto go before
flokanVII redupto lament, bewail
fráisanVII redupto tempt
ƕopanVII redup+intrto boast