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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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alan   🔊VI ablaut+intrto grow
ana-in-sakanVI ablautto impart or confer through argumentation
ananVI ablaut=us-anan
and-hafjanVI ablaut+datto answer
and-sakanVI ablautto dispute, strive against
and-standanVI ablautto withstand, resist
at-draganVI ablautto pull down
at-hafjanVI ablautto take down
at-standanVI ablautto stand near
af-hlaþanVI ablautto lade, load
af-þwahanVI ablautto wash off
af-slahanVI ablautto kill, slay
af-standanVI ablaut+intrto stand off, depart
aftra-skapjanVI ablautto reconstruct
bi-hlahjanVI ablautto deride, laugh to scorn
bi-skabanVI ablautto shave
bi-standanVI ablautto surround
bi-swaranVI ablautto swear, adjure, conjure
ga-dabanVI ablautto beseem, happen, befall
ga-drabanVI ablautto hew out
ga-draganVI ablautto heap up, heap together
ga-raþjanVI ablautto count
ga-sakanVI ablautto rebuke, reprove
ga-skapjanVI ablautto create, make
ga-standanVI ablaut+intrto stand fast, stand still, remain, be restored
grabanVI ablautto dig
dabanVI ablautsee ga-daban
dalaþ-hlaþanVI ablautto download
drabanVI ablautsee ga-draban
draganVI ablautto carry, drag
hafjanVI ablautto raise, lift, bear up, carry
hlahjanVI ablaut+intrto laugh
hlaþanVI ablautto load, lade
þwahanVI ablautto wash
in-sakanVI ablautto present a case, expound, explain; to recount; to designate, put before
malanVI ablautto grind
us-ananVI ablaut+intrto expire, give up the ghost
us-grabanVI ablautto dig out, pluck out, break through
us-hafjanVI ablautto take up, lift up
us-standanVI ablautto stand up, rise up, rise again, come out or from
uf-grabanVI ablautto dig up
skabanVI ablautto shave
skaþjanVI ablautto injure
skapjanVI ablautto shape, make
slahanVI ablautto smite, strike, beat, hit
standanVI ablaut+intrto stand, stand firm
swaranVI ablautto swear
twis-standanVI ablaut+intrto depart
wadanVI ablautto wade
wahsjanVI ablaut+intrto grow, increase
wakanVI ablaut+intrto wake, watch
faúra-standanVI ablautto rule, govern, stand near
faran   🔊VI ablaut+intrto fare, go
fraþjanVI ablaut+datto understand, perceive, think, know