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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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ana-qimanIV ablautto come near, approach
and-nimanIV ablautto receive, take
at-baíranIV ablautto bring, take, carry, offer
at-nimanIV ablautto take to a place, transfer
af-nimanIV ablautto take away
baíran   🔊IV ablaut+accto bear, carry, bring forth
baírgan   🔊IV ablaut+datto hide, keep, preserve, protect
brikan   🔊IV ablautto break, quarrel, fight
ga-baíranIV ablautto bring forth, compare, give birth
ga-brikanIV ablautto break
ga-qimanIV ablautto assemble, come together
ga-nimanIV ablautto take to oneself, take with one, conceive
ga-taíranIV ablaut+acc/datto tear to pieces, destroy, break
ga-timanIV ablautto suit
dis-taíranIV ablautto tear to pieces
qimanIV ablaut+intrto come, arrive
þaírh-baíranIV ablautto bear through, carry through
þaírh-wakanIV ablautto keep watch
in-standanIV ablaut+intrto persist
miþ-nimanIV ablautto receive
nimanIV ablautto take, take away, receive, accept
us-baíranIV ablautto carry out, bear, endure, suffer, answer
us-qimanIV ablaut+acc/datto kill, destroy
us-nimanIV ablautto take out or away, take down
uf-baíranIV ablautto download
uf-brikanIV ablautto reject, despise
ufar-baíranIV ablautto download
stilanIV ablautto steal
taíranIV ablautto tear, tear apart
trudanIV ablautto tread
wulanIV ablaut+intrto seethe, rage
fra-baíranIV ablautto bear, endure
fra-qimanIV ablaut+datto expend, spend, consume
fra-nimanIV ablautto receive, take