Julie's Website

Miscellaneous nonce hence:

  • My Rulz, inspired by Robin's Laws from TNG.
  • A basic Speech Synthesizer that works by the glottal pulse method.
  • A Mourner's Mistake
  • A Venus-like planet with parallels to Dougal Dixon's fictional Sulfuria.
  • Main Focus:


    We know how many primary colors there are, how many primary touch sensations, and have a pretty good idea about primary tastes. We know how frequencies of sound are detected and that our sense of hearing processes by pitch and timbre. But what about smell? I gather the known empirical data and attempt to deduce the encoding of aromas.

    Element Spectra

    Different gases electrified in glass tubes produce distinctive colors of light. So do metals when sparked, or their salts in a flame. I bothered to actually obtain as many pure elements as I could, and observe their spectra both visually and photographically.