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Visible Spectrum of Erbium
Spectral Lines of Erbium

4f12.6s2 ³H - 4f11.(4I°<11/2>).5d<5/2>.ns2 (11/2,5/2)°
6s2 4606.61
4f12.6s2 ³H - 4f11.(4I°<13/2>).5d<3/2>.ns2 (13/2,3/2)°
6s2 6221.02
4f12.6s2 ³H - 4f11.(4I°).5d.ns2 °
  6-6 6-5
6s2 4087.63 3973.04
4f12.6s2 ³H - 4f11.(4F°).5d.ns2 °
  6-6 6-5
6s2 3937.01 3892.68
4f12.6s2 ³H - 4f12.(3H).6s.np °
  6-5 6-7 6-6 5-6
6p 4151.11 4007.96 3862.85 4020.51
4f12.6s2 ³F - 4f11.(4I°).5d2.(3F) (4F°).ns °
6s 3944.42
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