Elements that Superficially Resemble Each Other

The following pairs of elements have spectra that look superficially similar.

Close Resemblances

Hydrogen and Lithium  
Hydrogen and Cadmium  
Nitrogen and Lead  
Fluorine and Protactinium  
Neon and Curium  
Phosphorus and Iron  
Sulfur and Selenium  
Scandium and Vanadium  
Chromium and Dysprosium  
Iron and Cerium  
Iron and Neodymium  
Iron and Tungsten  
Copper and Einsteinium  
Zinc and Cadmium  
Gallium and Francium
(named for the same country too!)
Arsenic and Tellurium  
Krypton and Mercury  
Rubidium and Plutonium  
Yttrium and Ytterbium  
Ruthenium and Osmium  
Indium and Cesium  
Barium and Lead  
Cerium and Praseodymium  
Cerium and Samarium  
Cerium and Terbium  
Cerium and Thorium  
Praseodymium and Terbium  
Neodymium and Terbium  
Neodymium and Thorium  
Europium and Ytterbium  
Tungsten and Thorium  
Rhenium and Bismuth  
Rhenium and Polonium  
Protactinium and Curium  


Distant Resemblances

Helium and Sodium  
Beryllium and Magnesium  
Beryllium and Silver  
Boron and Thallium  
Carbon and Europium  
Oxygen and Krypton  
Fluorine and Argon  
Magnesium and Aluminum  
Magnesium and Silver  
Magnesium and Thallium  
Aluminum and Tin  
Aluminum and Lead  
Silicon and Germanium  
Phosphorus and Zirconium  
Phosphorus and Hafnium  
Chlorine and Bromine  
Argon and Radon  
Argon and Protactinium  
Potassium and Rubidium  
Yttrium and Thulium  
Titanium and Tungsten  
Titanium and Thorium  
Vanadium and Molybdenum  
Vanadium and Lanthanum  
Vanadium and Holmium  
Chromium and Copper  
Chromium and Palladium  
Iron and Zirconium  
Iron and Molybdenum  
Iron and Praseodymium  
Nickel and Tungsten  
Rubidium and Francium  
Molybdenum and Uranium  
Cerium and Erbium  
Cerium and Tungsten  
Praseodymium and Samarium  
Praseodymium and Europium  
Praseodymium and Gadolinium  
Praseodymium and Erbium  
Neodymium and Gadolinium  
Neodymium and Erbium  
Neodymium and Uranium  
Samarium and Terbium  
Samarium and Erbium  
Terbium and Erbium  
Erbium and Thorium  

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